Dear Friends of the Barnes Tennis Center,

We hope that many of you have fond memories of your days playing, competing, training and just hanging out at the Barnes Center! We are hoping to build a platform upon which former players like you will have the opportunity to reconnect and perhaps become involved once again with this special place. We all know what good work gets done here; from the YTSD After School Tennis Program founded by Kathy Chabot Willette, which provides students with exposure to tennis and a healthier lifestyle, to the myriad of junior programs and tournaments that take place every single day,  from the novice player, to CIF, to college matches.


Let's get connected!  Please send us your contact info.


Don't get left out - "The ball is in your court."



Carly Schwartzberg

Erik Kats

Winta Woldeab

Elina Shalaev

Marco Alvarez

Mckenna Mountain

Anna Pallencaoe

Daniel Araya

Aleksandr Lavrentyev

Andrew Li

Andrew Beciero

Mathew Gosling

Kate Prichard

Mauricio Rovira

Rex Harrison

Amy Pallencaoe

Peter Boyd

Thelma Sepulveda


Achim Vladimirschii – San Diego State University

Adrian Ortega - Texas University

Alex Yermanos – Columbia University

Alexander Johnson - University of California Santa Barbara

Analese Snyder – Creighton University

Ashley Coulson - Purdue University

Bryce Bettwy - University of California Santa Cruz

Cameron Ahari – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Chris Hayes - Stanford University

Christina Makarova – Duke University

Constance Alexander - University of Montana

Daniel Faierman – Yale University

Danielle Flores – Saint Mary’s College

Derek Klein – Cal Poly

DJ Johnson – Purdue University

Elena Najera-Salas –Denver University

Gabriel Pamich - Fairfield University

Gerardo de la Concha - New York University

Greg Lyon – Wesleyan University

Gregory Garcia – Brown University

Guy Giubelato - University of California San Diego

Haley Driver – University of Oregon

Henry Ji – University of Southern California

Ivan Thamma - University of California Davis

Jaak Poldma – University of Southern California

Jakob Karnopp - University of San Diego

Jason McNaughton – University of Southern California

Josh Brown - Northern Arizona University

Joulia Likhanskaia - Bowdoin University

Julia Hodes – University of Hawaii

Julie Chao – Rice University

Kaylee Nichols - University of San Francisco

Kimberly Haines – Pepperdine

Laila Abdala – Arizona State University

Lexi Provancha - University of Utah

Liliana Serylo - Whittier College

Lindsay Brown - Claremont McKenna College

Lisa Johnson – University of Utah

Marion Bouillin - Bryant University

Michael Lin – Princeton University

Mimi Hamling - George Washington University

Nadia Abdala – Arizona State University

Natasha Makarova – Columbia University

Nikolai Karnopp - Gustavus Adolphus College

P.J. Wooley- Emory University

Steven Chen –Wesleyan University

Tamara Sarafijanovic - N/A

Tyler Hochwalt – University of Florida

Victoria Robertson –University of Utah

Wil Spencer – University of Georgia




Steve Adamson Tennis Academy  Alumni

Zoe Scandalis- Top 10 NCAA D1 2011,2012

Greg Garcia- Top 10 SCTA 2011-13

Ivan Thamma- Top 10 Nationally 2015-17

Ryan Seggerman- Top 10 Nationally 2011-2017

Timmy Sah- Top 10 Nationally 2011-2017

Siem Woldeab- Top 10 Nationally 2015-19

Eshan Talluri- Top 10 SCTA 2015-19

Matthew Sah - Top 10 SCTA 2016-2019

Michael Hao- Top 10 SCTA 2019

Current Player Honor Roll

Noah Zamora- Top 10 SCTA 2018-present

Amy Huang- Top 10 SCTA 2016-present

Katie Codd- Top 10 SCTA 2019-present

Irene Huang- Top 10 SCTA 2019-present

Matthew Lanahan - Top 10 SCTA 2017-18

Ethan Schiffman- Top 10 SCTA 2019-present

Rohan Murali- Top 10 SCTA 2016-present

Derek Wong Top 10 SCTA- 2016

Zhengqing Ji- Top 10 SCTA 2018-present

Tyler Li- Top 10 SCTA 2018-present

Andrew Li- Top 10 SCTA 2019-present

Alyssa Ahn- Top 10 SCTA 2019-present

Rebecca Kong- Top 10 SCTA 2019-present

Claire Zhang- Top 10 SCTA 2019-present

Savo Simic- Top 10 SCTA 2019-present

Congrats to Ivan Thamma and his UC Davis partner David Goulak at the St. Mary's Invitational.

(October 2018)

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