J5 San Diego

November 14 - 20, 2020

Youth Tennis San Diego Grade 5 Championships

Winners and Finalist:

GS - Vivian Ovrootsky vs Kimmi Hance 63, 62

BS - Lucas Brown vs Sebastian Sec 60, 62

GD - Kimmi Hance/Viviam Ovrootsky vs Leyden 

        Games/Katherine Hui 64, 64

BD - Alexander Frusina/Santiago Cote vs Sebastian

        Gorzny/Sebastian Sec 62, 26, 10-7

Signing In 

Qualifying Sign-In at the Tournament Desk from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13

Main Draw Singles Sign-In at the Tournament Desk from 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 15

Main Draw Doubles Sign-In closes at 12:00 pm MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16

Practice Courts  

Prior to the start of the tournament, practice courts must be reserved by calling (619) 221-9000.  The Barnes Tennis Center does not allow outside baskets, hoppers, or ball bags (Gamma, Solinco, etc.).


Beginning Friday, November 13th, Practice Court sign up sheets will be onsite with the tournament director.

General Information 

No Spectating:  Players are to not be waiting around courts before or after practice or after matches. Once a player is eliminated from the tournament they need to vacate the facility.

Barnes Tennis Center Covid-19 Policy

  1. Players registered and competing in the tournament are allowed (1) spectator to be on-site during play.  Spectators are given a badge or wristband per approval of the tournament entry list.

  2. Players and Spectators are to be at the facility during the match only and are required to vacate the premises after the match is complete.

  3. Entering Process:  Upon arrival, all players/spectator(s) must get a temperature check at the front desk and pass the temperature screening.  Entry ways are all marked with tape indicating social distancing.  Upon approval of entry, all guests must exit the front desk and lobby and move outside to tennis court(s).  There is no soliciting allowed indoors, use of indoor restrooms, etc.

  4. All patrons must wear a face covering (mask) at all times while at the Barnes Tennis Center.  Face masks are allowed to be removed only once the player is on court and play has started.  After the match is over, face masks must be put back on.

  5. Hand Sanitizers are available on court and offered throughout the facility.

  6. Social Distancing is required at all times for spectators.

  7. Restroom use is limited to 2 people at a time.  Social Distancing measures are marked off for waiting.

  8. Players receive balls from Tournament Director or Officials and are permitted to use the 3 balls on court.

Singles Qualifying sign-in date:

First day of Singles Qualifying:               

First day of Singles Main Draw:              

Tournament Director name:                    

Tournament Director email:                    

Official ball:                                           

Tournament key:                                     

Fri 13th November 2020 

14 November 2020

16 November 2020

 Ryan Redondo


Wilson US Open Extra Duty (Type 2)