Mission Statement

Youth Tennis San Diego is a nonprofit (501)(c)(3) organization whose purpose is to promote the educational, physical, and social development of all youth through organized tennis and educational activities. Our community programs encourage youth participation, personal integrity, leadership, and competitive spirit in a friendly environment that builds responsible citizens.

Reaching Children

As a community service, YTSD provides thousands of youngsters each year the opportunity to play tennis after school at their neighborhood school. The Kathy Chabot Willette After School Tennis Program provides a safe haven for hundreds of youngsters who are not supervised after school. Through tennis the children are learning the success skills which will give them the confidence and self-esteem needed to confront the negative influences so often found on the streets where they live. Several times a year, the children travel to the Barnes Tennis Center to participate in special tennis events. This is often their first exposure to a "real" tennis court. Other programs include recreational opportunities, local and national competitive events, educational seminars, kids helping kids projects, and partnership programs with local school districts and youth organizations. YTSD also supports wheelchair and special populations by providing free court usage.


Why We Need Your Support

Critical to the participation of children is our ability to provide scholarships for families who cannot afford to pay the full program fees. Over 60% of the children require financial assistance. The increasing demand for after school programs and guidance pathways reflects the growing need of our schools, neighborhoods, and families to provide positive alternatives for youngsters. It is the policy of YTSD that every child can participate. To fund these activities, YTSD hosts fundraising events and depends on private donations. Your gift will ensure that every child will have the opportunity to participate. All donations are 100% tax-deductible.

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